Microsoft Stops Forcing OS Updates Down Users Throats…. In Germany

A frequent reader pointed me towards this article on Betanews where after a lengthy legal battle, Microsoft will stop their rather craptastic practice of force downloading an OS onto a users computer:

After a lengthy battle with Germany’s Baden-Würtenberg consumer rights center, Microsoft made the announcement to avoid the continuation of legal action. A press release on the Baden-Würtenberg website reveals that Microsoft has announced it will no longer download operating system files to users’ computers without their permission

That’s great for German users. And I hope this is something that sparks other countries to force Microsoft to do the same thing. I say that because Since Windows 10 came out, I’ve gotten call after call to fix a computer that was upgraded without their permission. Not to mention the fact that this practice likely sent a lot of Windows users running to the Apple Store to buy a Mac because they were that ticked off. In my opinion, Microsoft would be best served by stopping this practice worldwide ASAP. They’d be better off by doing so.


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