The Great Canadian Road Trip: Part 8 – Day 4 In Gros Morne

Today is our last day in Gros Morne National Park. On the menu for today is a 50 KM bike ride that will largely be flat and scenic. Though it will be windy as we’ll be next to the ocean for much of the ride. This time, we won’t have any issues finishing all 50 KM as there is no construction in this section of the park. The plan was to start from Sally’s Cove NL and ride to Cow Head NL and then return to Sally’s Cove the same way. We parked our Hyundai Tucson at the Snack Shack in Sally’s Cove that my wife visited a couple of days earlier. The pictures are taken with the Nikon COOLPIX W300 camera:

DSCN0356.jpgTop Tip: If you want to park your car on private property so that you can go for a bike ride, ask for permission first.

We then set from there heading north to Cow’s Head. Here’s a couple of shots of my wife first heading to Cow Head:


And then back to Sally’s Cove:


And here’s the data that I collected from my Garmin Edge 520 cycling computer which was then automatically uploaded to Strava:

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 5.33.47 PM.jpg

This ride took us 2 hours and 11 minutes to complete which isn’t bad. After that ride, my wife had some fish n’ chips from the Snack Shack before we headed back to the hotel. Later in the evening, we went to a place called Madison’s at Marble Inn which is 11 minutes north of our hotel in Corner Brook. I’ll let my wife tell you about dinner:

After our 50 km bike ride between Sally’s Cove to Cow Head along the Viking trail inside Gros Morne, I thought we would enjoy dinner at Madison Restaurant at Marble Inn as it was 11 min drive to our hotel in Corner Brook. I chose this restaurant as I thought they would be able to meet hubby’s burger/pasta and my foodie tastes. The restaurant is located close the city but is in a little nook nestled amongst trees and has a log cabin feel which makes sense as the resort offers fishing tours for their guests. Looking at their seasonal menu offerings consisting of fresh ingredients and ethically sourced seafood and game. I thought it was quite refreshing and bold.  For example one of their daily specials was a moose meat burger with fries. I saw a Poke bowl (which is a sushi grade tuna, avocado, rice bowl) for guests not ready for raw tuna they even offer to sear the tuna for you. But I digress hubby ordered the more traditional beef burger and I ordered their West Coast mussels cooked in wine, garlic and butter. I love the idea of chowing down on West Coast (of Newfoundland) seafood while on the east coast of this country. For dessert I tried one of their signature local dishes – vinegar pie.   It looks like a sugar pie or pecan pie but as soon as you take that first bit you can definitely taste the vinegar in the pie.  

Tomorrow promises to be a more sedate day before we begin the return trip back to Toronto. Stay tuned!



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