New CORE GAMING Kickstarter from Mobile Edge

Everyone needs power and they need it On The Go. Mobile Edge CORE Gaming Backpack, now available via , delivers a seamless design that integrates power on the go via its external USB 3.0 quick charge port, complete with a built in charging cable. Now it’s super simple to connect to Mobile Edge’s lineup of battery packs, including the Urgent Power and Core Power AC — all available as add-ons during the Kickstarter program.  The CORE Gaming Backpack, armed and integrated with these Mobile Edge power sources, are ideal for gamers, travelers, college students, just about anyone who needs the ultimate in transport, protection and easy access to their gear, and the power on the go to keep that gear running all day long.

  • The Mobile Edge UrgentPower 5200mAh (Universal SmartPhone/USB Device Battery Charger) is available as a Kickstarter pledge of $120 or more, and as a $25 add-on to the CORE Gaming Backpack purchase ($89).
  • The new Mobile Edge CORE Power AC-27000mAh Portable Laptop Charger is only available via Kickstarter to supporters who contribute $199 or more to the campaign, and as a $125 add-on to the CORE Gaming Backpack purchase.

Designed, prototyped and tested by gamers for gamers, the CORE Gaming Backpack is the first product offered in Mobile Edge’s new lineup of gaming products. To support this effort, the CORE Gaming Backpack is available from now through September 21, with exclusive perks such as Discounted Pricing of $89 (MSRP $129.99), at In addition, program backers can select from an additional 10 funding levels plus to back the CORE Gaming Backpack Kickstarter program, which has an overall goal to raise $30,000.

Here’s a video:


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