Review: Orico 2.5 inch USB 3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure (2588S3)

After I dropped an SSD into my wife’s MacBook Pro, I had a perfectly good 2.5″ Western Digital 500GB Black hard drive left over. So I decided to turn it into a portable hard drive. To accomplish this, I used an Orico 2.5 inch USB hard drive enclosure. Putting it together is insanely easy first you take the lower half of the enclosure and slide the hard drive in like this:




Once the hard drive is plugged in, you slide the top on to get this:


Done! Declare victory and have a beer as no tools were required to get this done and it only took two minutes. It gives you a portable hard drive with USB 3.0 speed and it includes a USB 3.0 cable. Once built, it feels very solid and durable. Though I would recommend getting a case for it. The best part is that it cost me $20 CDN at my local computer store. Taking into consideration the price and the ease of setup, this is a must buy if you need to repurpose a 2.5″ hard drive.


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