Review: Orico 4 Port USB Charger (DSP-4U)

Something that I used to keep my various electronics charged was this new piece of tech that’s in my laptop bag:


This is the Orico 4 Port USB Charger. It’s very small and easy to pack. Plus it has adapters for the UK, Aus, and EU that slide on top of the foldable prongs that you would use in North America. That means that you can use this charger in dozens of countries. Something that is very classy is that it comes with a felt bag that you can use to keep everything in. The charger supports 100V – 240V so you can use it anywhere that you can plug it in. Each USB ports puts out 5V which means that your devices will charge quickly. I used this on my recent road trip to the east coast of Canada and I really appreciated having it as I could plug it in anywhere and it got my devices fully charged quickly.

The best part is that it was less that $25 CDN and is available in your choice of white or black. That makes it an easy call if you need a USB charger for your next trip overseas.

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