Review: Western Digital My Passport For Mac

People don’t think about backing up their computer when they travel. Thus when disaster strikes in the form of a dead hard drive, dead laptop, or the computer being stolen, they’ve lost all their data. That’s why I’ve always made it a policy to travel with a portable hard drive that is packed separately from my computer which I use to back up every night.

During the road trip across Canada that my wife and I just completed, I used an new portable hard drive from Western Digital called the My Passport For Mac:


Normally, I don’t get the Mac specific version of any portable hard drive because they cost way more for no good reason other than the fact that it’s formatted for Mac out of the box. Western Digital must have heard that from their customer base as the 1TB model cost me $80 CDN which is the same cost as the PC version. The company also makes 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB models as well.

So, what do you get for your cash? Well, quite a bit actually. The drive itself is very small and thin which makes it easy to pack. It’s also a USB 3.0 drive (which includes a cable by the way) which makes it speedy for those who have don’t have a USB-C computer. It will work with Apple’s own Time Machine backup software and it will work with whatever backup software that you choose to use. In my case, that’s Carbon Copy Cloner. But if you don’t have backup software, Western Digital offers up their own software called WD Backup. For bonus points, the drive has 256-bit AES hardware encryption that you can enable and tweak with the included WD Security software. That way your data stays safe.

The drive was quick to do my nightly backup taking less than 15 minutes to complete the job which was just a touch faster than the previous Western Digital drive I have been using for this purpose. So clearly Western Digital have made a few tweaks to get slightly better performance. It’s also rugged as I popped it into the outside pocket of a suitcase that was tossed in and out of cars for almost 2 weeks without any sort of protective case around it…. and it lived. But in case your drive dies, it comes with a three year warranty. Though, if I were Western Digital, I would have tossed a case into the box.

One note: The drive looks stylish. But it only comes in black. The PC versions of this drive come in three or four other colors. That’s kind of strange.

Backing up your data is important at home and when you’re on the road. In the case of the latter, Western Digital has a compelling offering in the form of the My Passport For Mac that makes this easy for Mac users. This is a must get if you travel and you care about your data.


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