Oracle Kills Sun Microsystems At Last

The news is out is that Oracle laid off the core talent of the Solaris and SPARC teams on Friday. The timing sucks as they did this just before Labour Day which has really craptastic optics. Unofficial tallies on the and elsewhere put total of jobs cut at around 2,500, affecting the company’s Santa Clara and San Diego, Calif. offices, as well as people in Austin, Texas, Broomfield, Colo., Burlington, Mass., and India.

Oracle itself hasn’t commented on this, which is typical for them, but it does basically bring to an end one of the more famous names in the IT industry. Oracle became the owner of Solaris as it was one of the properties that were part of its 2010 acquisition of the company. Other well-known assets were Java, MySQL and OpenOffice, with Oracle making no secret about the fact that it was buying Sun only because of Java and its business prospects. With Oracle shifting its focus to cloud services and software platforms, this day was coming. I’m kind of surprised that it took this long to happen.

RIP Sun Microsystems.



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