Review: Belkin TrueClear Pro Advanced Screen Care

My iPhone 7 Plus has been protected by a Belkin ScreenCare+ Screen Protector. I used it because it cut down on glare. But over the last month, I noticed that it was starting to peel away from the screen. Likely because of all the athletic activities that I do. Thus I needed to get a new one. I decided that my best course of action was to go to the Apple Store and get the Belkin TrueClear Pro Advanced Screen Care screen protector. This is a screen protector made of Corning’s InvisiGlass Ultra. It offers improved scratch resistance, reduced scratch visibility and better drop performance than screen protectors made from tempered glass and plastic. It’s extremely thin and looks like you have nothing on the phone. For those reasons, I decided that this was the screen protector for me.

The key thing about this screen protector is that it is professionally installed at your local Apple Store and it’s cool to watch. I handed my phone over to an Apple Specialist who cleaned my phone of dust, smudges and fingerprints and then watched them put the screen protector. It took minutes and the results were exceptionally good. It looked like I didn’t have a screen protector on as colors looked vibrant and the screen images were sharp. Ditto for the feel of the screen. The screen protector did attracted fingerprints much like the stock screen would. But those were easily cleaned with a tissue. The only issue was that there was glare in bright sunlight, but I will learn to adapt to that.

Total cost was $44.95 CDN and less than ten minutes of my time. Seeing as every smartphone user needs a screen protector, the offerings from Belkin which come with the bonus of professional installation is a great way to go.




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