Why Is Rogers Not Going To Sell The Series 3 Apple Watch?

One of the things that I found curious when the Series 3 Apple Watch with LTE connectivity was announced at the Apple Event yesterday was the fact that one of the big three carriers was missing from the list of Canadian carriers that would have the new Apple Watch on launch day. That carrier being Rogers. That of course got the attention of a lot of people. Take for example this Twitter exchange:

Rogers responded with this:

In fact, that seems to be the official party line from Rogers when asked about the Series 3 Apple Watch as other media outlets have reported that Rogers is giving that answer when they were asked about it. The problem with this party line is that it doesn’t actually answer the question as to whether they are going to sell the newest Apple Watch. It’s doubly strange seeing as Rogers will be carrying all the new iPhones when they start shipping. You have to wonder why Rogers seems to be taking this stance seeing as the two other members of the “big three” telcos in Canada have jumped on board to carry the Series 3 Apple Watch. After all, Apple fans tend to be loyal and from what I am seeing in various places on line, many are going to defect from Rogers to Telus and Bell to get the latest Apple Watch. If that actually pans out, which I think it will, then it sucks to be Rogers right about now.

UPDATE: I posted a bit of a plot twist to this story here.


9 Responses to “Why Is Rogers Not Going To Sell The Series 3 Apple Watch?”

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