Thames Valley District School Board Launches Development Project Using Instructional Guidance System Built By Knowledgehook

Two-time award-winning EdTech company, Knowledgehook, is expanding its development project as it announced its new partnership with the Thames Valley District School Board, the fifth-largest school board in the province through the AdvancingEducation Program delivered by Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE).

As a part of Ontario’s Renewed Mathematics Strategy (RMS), TVDSB has been seeking solutions to address the student achievement gaps which have developed over the last several years. Prior to the start of the last academic year, TVDSB had 36% usage of Knowledgehook across its board. With the announcement of this new partnership, all teachers, principals, and students will have access to the innovative Instructional Guidance System (IGS) for which Knowledgehook was granted an award by Google in a global competition.

Declining math scores in Ontario have demonstrated a need for tools that can help support teachers’ professional development. Leading researchers in education such as Dylan William, Professor Emeritus at University College London, UK, and John Hattie, Director of the Melbourne Education Research Institute at the University of Melbourne, Australia, published best practices for increasing student achievement. Knowledgehook’s IGS is the first technology innovation to facilitate this research into practical application.

At a system level, Knowledgehook’s data is used to organize professional development and professional learning communities for teachers. IGS technology is the only proven way to deliver these important functions in an objective manner.

Knowledgehook is an Educational Technology software that, identifies student learning needs, gaps and misconceptions and provides teachers, principals, math consultants and system leaders with best-practice pedagogical strategy to address these issues. For more information on Knowledgehook please visit

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