Equifax Pwned Months Earlier Than It Said It Was: Bloomberg

Bloomberg is reporting that Equifax has admitted to being pwned by hackers five months earlier than the epic hack that we are all talking about. Here’s the details:

In a statement, the company said the March breach was not related to the hack that exposed the personal and financial data on 143 million U.S. consumers, but one of the people said the breaches involve the same intruders. Either way, the revelation that the 118-year-old credit-reporting agency suffered two major incidents in the span of a few months adds to a mounting crisis at the company, which is the subject of multiple investigations and announced the retirement of two of its top security executives on Friday.


Equifax hired the security firm Mandiant on both occasions and may have believed it had the initial breach under control, only to have to bring the investigators back when it detected suspicious activity again on July 29, two of the people said.

The thing is, we are only finding out about this hack now as Equifax didn’t disclose this hack. But I am guessing that it had to because given the attention that is focused on Equifax at the moment, someone was bound to find out about it. At least this way they control the message. But it highlights that IT security was an issue at Equifax for much longer than what has been admitted to. It also makes one wonder what other digital skeletons that Equifax has hiding in their closets.


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