Review: 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport Ultimate – Part 3

The 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT Sport Ultimate has a great interior that you’ll want to spend as much time as possible in. Let me illustrate this by doing a visual walk through of the vehicle.


The driver’s seat is the best part of this vehicle. It is extremely comfortable, well bolstered, heated, ventilated, and 8 way power adjustable. This is one of the best drivers seats that I have been in for at least a couple of years. The passenger seat isn’t power adjustable, but you can copy and paste the rest of what I said about the drivers seat.


You should also note the red stitching and accents on the seat. I am drawing your attention to it because that color will be a theme that you will see often in this walk through.


On the driver’s door, you get the controls for the mirrors and the windows. The chrome painted handle breaks up the black soft touch material and plastic. The pocket at the bottom of the door will hold a water bottle.


Below the red accented air vent, you get the controls to control the traction and stability system, lane departure warning system, blind spot monitoring system, and dash lighting intensity.


Chrome sport pedals and a chrome dead pedal add to the sporty nature of the Elantra GT Sport Ultimate.


The steering wheel has red accents and has the controls for the infotainment system and cruise control. It felt great in my hands, but my wife pointed out that it was a bit thick for her hands and that may turn some people off if they cannot adapt to it.


The gauge cluster is sharp, bright and easy to read. There is a 4.2″ LCD display that can be customized to display a variety of information such as speed, fuel economy, cruise control settings, etc.


The center console has the 8″ infotainment screen above controls to lock the doors and activate the hazard lights. Red accented dual zone climate system controls are below that.


There’s a cubby that has a door to keep valuables to keep valuables hidden. In it, there’s a 12V outlet, USB and 3.5mm headphone jack, and a Qi standard wireless charging pad for your phone. I will go into more details about the latter in tomorrow’s look at the technology in the Elantra Sport GT Ultimate.


You get a decent sized glove box. In this case, it is holding the manuals for the car.


The shifter is leather wrapped and on either side of it, you can see the buttons for the heated and ventilated seats. Plus there are controls for the heated steering wheel and the drive mode button.


You get a pair of cupholders that have a sliding cover. Plus you get a electronic parking brake with a button that turns on and off the auto hold function. There’s also a cubby for pens or change.


A Starbucks Venti sized drink has no problem fitting into the cupholder.


There’s a small storage compartment that has a 12V outlet in it. When closed, it doubles as an armrest.


One thing that will get your attention is the panoramic sunroof that will let the outside inside.


The back seats are roomy enough for two when I acted as a designated driver for my friends. Three back here would have been a stretch. They reported that they were comfortable and had enough headroom and legroom. Please note the red seatbelt.


The middle portion of the seat flips down to reveal a pair of cupholders.


Back seat passengers get red accented air vents.


The cargo area is pretty roomy because it is recessed so that you can get bigger items in it. If you look on the right hand side, you get a 12V outlet. And if you want some extra room, you get 60/40 fold down seats…..


Though you won’t get a completely flat cargo area when you do that. Having said that, it will still allow you to carry long items with ease.


Here’s how much space you get using our shopping baskets as a reference.


Inside the hatch are a pair of handles. Ergonomically, they are a bit difficult to use because of where they are positioned on the hatch. But they will keep dirt off your hands when you close the hatch.

Overall the interior is very upscale and well executed. Hyundai really did a great job putting the interior together. I should also note that there’s very good vision in almost every direction for the driver with the exception of a tiny blind spot towards the passenger side of the car. No rattles, squeaks, or other annoyances were noted during my week with the Elantra Sport GT Ultimate.

Tomorrow, I will be taking a look at the technology in the Elantra Sport GT Ultimate which is very extensive. Stay tuned!




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