Volkswagen Canada Raided By Ont. Ministry Of The Environment Because Of #DieselGate

If you thought dieselgate was done. Think again. The offices of Volkswagen Canada which are just east of Toronto were raided by Ontario’s Ministry Of The Environment because of their emissions cheating activities:

A team of 24 officers, including computer experts from the Ministry of Finance, arrived at the Volkswagen Canada campus in Toronto’s eastern suburbs at 9:30 a.m., seeking evidence to support a newly laid charge against Volkswagen AG, the automaker’s German parent company, for violating Ontario’s Environmental Protection Act.

When asked if the company was co-operating with the warrant, ministry investigator Warren Korol said: “I’m not certain yet, we’re still searching.”

As of noon, they had not removed anything, but an agent could be seen carrying a large cooler into the building, and a ministry van was parked by the reception door.

“In any search warrant, there’s always a list of things we’re searching for, and if we find those things, yes, we’ll be seizing them,” Korol said.

The information to obtain the search warrant, which includes details of what the investigators were seeking, is sealed to the public until it has been fully executed. The raid was not co-ordinated with other jurisdictions, nor were there simultaneous raids, Korol said.

The timing sucks if you’re Volkswagen. For any car company you’re aggressively trying to move any 2017 models that are on dealer lots. Plus you’re bringing in 2018 models to sell. Volkswagen is trying to do this while trying to make sure that potential customers don’t think of the dieselgate scandal. However, this news puts dieselgate back in the public eye. Which in turn is sure to affect to affect sales in the short term. Sucks to be them. Now no charges have been laid, but even just being raided is not good news for a company that’s desperately trying to change the channel from this scandal.


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