BREAKING: Equifax CEO “Retires” In The Wake Of Epic Pwnage

It seems that the heat is too much for Richard Smith who up until a few minutes ago was the CEO of Equifax. Because he’s suddenly “retired”:

The retirement is effective Tuesday, according to the statement. Mark Feidler, a current board member will serve as Non-Executive Chairman. Paulino do Rego Barros, Jr., president of company’s Asia Pacific region, has been appointed as interim CEO.

I guess he decided to get out and chances are that if he “retired” he’d get paid a nice pile of cash. All in the wake of the most epic pwnage the world has ever seen. Hopefully this doesn’t stop him from being called in front of the public flogging known as a congressional hearing to explain how hand why things went so horribly sideways.


One Response to “BREAKING: Equifax CEO “Retires” In The Wake Of Epic Pwnage”

  1. […] and 100 thousand Canadians really want to hear about how he absolutely screwed up to this degree before he “retired”. Examples of this #EpicFail include hiring a CSO with no IT experience or not applying a patch for […]

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