Life Is Good Is Celebrating The Power Of Optimism At A New Leslieville Pop-up.

Starting, Wednesday, September 27, and going on until Saturday, October 7, using some high-tech happiness people can see the power of their positive thoughts in action at a new Leslieville pop-up.

The pop-up features the Power of Optimism Machine – an EEG machine that shows the power of positive thinking by engaging users to physically fill up a glass of water by harnessing their positive thoughts.


The Power of Optimism Machine is the creation of Toronto-based creative agency, The Garden and was developed by Toronto-based creative digital production studio, ThinkingBox. The machine uses Emotiv’s open library of commands to create the signal that is sent to a tap that integrates with an arduino microcontroller and computer through bluetooth. This signal then passes through the computer and Arduino, through to the on/off switch of the tap.

Here’s how the the Power of Optimism Machine works:

  1. You put on the EEG headset. EEG (electroencephalography) technology records electrical activity and patterns in the brain.
  2. Users will observe optimistic stimuli on a screen, which will trigger specific brain patterns associated with positive thinking.
  3. Proprietary software will recognize these positive brain patterns through an algorithm.
  4. Once positive brain waves are detected, the glass will automatically fill up halfway with water.

The power of positivity is practically palpable. Researchers have found that having an optimistic outlook is associated with better psychological and physical health. Optimists typically possess better coping strategies than pessimists and are more likely to engage in lifestyles that protect against disease and illness. And a 75-year Harvard study found that people in happy relationships tend to live longer.

The pop-up is being put on by Life is Good, a lifestyle brand dedicated to spreading the power of optimism and helping kids in need. Life is Good donates at least 10% of its annual net profits to the Life is Good Kids Foundation to positively impact over 1 million kids every year facing poverty, violence, and illness. This pop up will specifically benefit the Toronto Kiwanis Boys & Girls Clubs.

Address: VandenBerg House, at 1400 Queen Street East in Leslieville

Pop-up hours: 

11am – 8pm Monday to Friday

9am – 6pm Saturday & Sunday



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