Zoom.ai Acquires SimplyInsight

Zoom.ai announces the acquisition of automated data analysis and visualization startup, SimplyInsight. Zoom.ai will integrate SimplyInsight’s data-querying technology to continue redefining the modern workplace and increase employees’ efficiency.

SimplyInsight’s sophisticated natural language querying technology engine allows employees to request, analyze and visualize internal business data to quickly capitalize on hidden trends and improve organizational productivity. For employees, access to vital statistics can occur in minutes, driving critical business decisions and on-the-go optimization. SimplyInsight’s scalable insights are accessible through chat and connected to a company’s internal and third-party data tools. This acquisition uniquely positions Zoom.ai to advance their vision of a more efficient and data-driven workplace.

SimplyInsight founders Amanda Parker and Alexey Adamsky have joined the Zoom.ai team as part of the acquisition. Parker will be leading business development as VP Business Development & Partnerships, while Adamsky joins as Senior AI Scientist.

Zoom.ai makes this acquisition on the heels of its recent seed funding of $2.1 million and a noteworthy $100,000 win as Best Technology Pitch at OpenText Enterprise World 2017.

On average, Zoom.ai’s active users have gained 14% productivity, saving approximately 25 hours per month and $16,000per senior employee annually. Zoom.ai invites interested companies and professionals to acquaint themselves with these and more of Zoom.ai’s integrated capabilities at www.zoom.ai/demo.


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