Guest Post: BluePay Provides 5 Technology Security Tips For You

In the wake of recent high-profile cybersecurity breaches such as those experienced by Equifax and Deloitte, the issue of protecting technology and data is on everyone’s mind. Even if your business is not as big of a target as Deloitte or Equifax, protecting your and your customers’ sensitive data is a major obligation. Cybercriminals look for any opportunity to commit a virtual smash-and-grab. Letting your guard down for even a moment typically is all the opportunity they need to commit a crime that can have dramatic and catastrophic effects on your business as well as your customers’ financial stability.

All of this is to underscore how vital it is for small businesses to take some common-sense precautions when it comes to their use of technology. Although having strong cybersecurity protocols in place and partnering with a qualified cybersecurity firm can go a long way to protecting data and technology, following a few simple procedures also can have a significant impact on a small business’ security.

For example, many small business owners conduct their business wherever they happen to be at the moment, which means at certain times relying on public Wi-Fi hotspots for Internet access. Though, these hotspots typically lack the level of security needed to send financial information securely, so small business owners should always refrain from handling financial transactions while connected to these networks.

Another simple-but-essential tip for small businesses when it comes to technology is to utilize successful password management. This means changing passwords every 90 days, using a password manager and requiring multiple authentication factors whenever possible. Using the same password all the time can be the equivalent of leaving a key to the front door under the doormat for opportunistic criminals.

Because the majority of sensitive data is transacted during purchases, it’s crucial for small businesses also to have a reliable e-commerce payment solution they can trust. The right technology integrated into a website can give small businesses and their customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing all sensitive information will be protected throughout the payment process.

Check out the 5 technology security tips below that BluePay has featured one of our blog posts in. If you’re concerned about the security of your company’s sensitive data, common-sense ideas like these can make a huge difference.

Security guide compiled by credit card processing company BluePay



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