Facebook & Instagram Are Down…. World Freaks

Facebook appears to be down at the moment. So is Instagram which is owned by Facebook. Multiple services, like Down Detector and Outage Report, have high numbers of users reporting the issues. It is also trending on Twitter. So if you’ve been trying to update your status, this is why you can’t. Now you need to find something to do until this gets resolved.

I’ll update this page with information as I get it.

UPDATE: It seems that a massive distributed denial of service attack is underway. That might be related to this outage. I’m going to monitor this and research what is being attacked.
UPDATE #2: The DDOS attack has nothing to do with this based on this status page from Facebook. That seems to be backed up via reports of services tied to Facebook APIs, like SocialFlow reporting issues.
UPDATE #3: Things appear to be returning to normal.

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