Review: EZOPower 6 Foot Braided Sleeve Sync & Charge Data Cable

Today I am reviewing a pair of cables that I plan to use in the kit that I travel with which (I hope) covers any problems that I face on the road. They’re from a company called EZOPower and they are their 6 Foot Braided Sleeve Sync & Charge Data Cable. Here’s what they look like.


You will notice that they have a woven fabric coating. That’s there to make the cable tangle free and durable while still being flexible. It also gives it a feeling of quality as plastic cables tend to feel cheap. The cable is also stiff when compared to most cords these days. Stiff and braided cable means that this isn’t going to get tangled as easily as other cords and that is a real plus for me as cables have tendency to mysteriously end up tangled in my corner of the planet. The company has also added foil and braid shielding to reduce EMI/RFI interference.  That way it ensures high-speed, error-free data transfer.

If I had a concern, it would be the strain relief which is this part of the cables:


The fact that the ends of the connectors aren’t that long is a concern as I have to wonder if they will hold up to the rigors that USB cables are exposed to. But to be fair, I haven’t had any problems thus far so maybe I am being overly paranoid.

I got two of these cables from Amazon. One was a USB to Micro USB and one as USB to Mini USB. The former was $6 CDN and the latter was $12 CDN. They also have USB-C and Lightning variants too, so you can likely find a cable that fits your needs and not spend a lot of money to get them.



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