Review: Nomad Universal Cable

I am in the midst of updating the kit that I travel with which (I hope) covers any problems that I face on the road. The idea of this kit is to have every cable and piece of software that I might need if I am on a business trip so that I can address minor or moderate issues on my own. One of the areas that I am looking at is cables because I don’t want to carry around a rats nest of cables as they’re just going to tangle. Which is why the Nomad Universal Cable caught my attention:


This is a cable that has three heads:


  • Lightning for Apple iDevices (and it’s MFI certified by the way)
  • Mini USB
  • USB-C

The logic is that this cable will work with any smartphone type that you might have. That way if your Android friends need a cable to charge their phone and you’re an iPhone user, you can help them out. In my case, the end of the cable that connects into the computer is USB-A. But those who need USB-C should know that Nomad has a USB-C version of this cable as well wihch also includes a USB-A connection.

The cable is overbuilt to allow it to survive anything. Specifically:

  • It is wrapped in a 500D Nylon woven in a ballistic weave pattern. This material was originally developed to protect military forces from shrapnel and bullets.
  • It has been lab tested to withstand over 10,000 flex cycles.
  • It has RF shielding to ensure that data transfers work 100% of the time.
  • It has a durable silicon rubber cable tie to allow you to wrap the cable up with no concerns about the cable tie breaking.

On top of all of that, I noted that the ends of the cable have no flex. That means that breaks at the ends of the cable, which is common for a lot of cables out there is a non issue. That explains why the company offers a 5 year warranty on their cables.

In my testing, the cable worked perfectly. Though I note that when you have to use the USB-C or Lightning head, you have to be careful to make sure that you’re popping it on correctly as those heads connect to the Micro USB connector on the cable, and it only fits one way. Other than that, it survived in my car which has a history of killing cables. If this cable can survive that environment, then it’s a winner. So much so that I bought two of them. One is the .3M version which will go into the kit that I spoke of earlier. That one goes for $30 USD. The other is the 1.5M version which will go into my car so that if a passenger needs a charge, I have them covered. That one goes for $35 USD. It’s a no-brainer to recommend if you want to ensure that you have a cable that you can use with any device.


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