Windows 10 Fall Creators Update… Here’s What To Expect

Microsoft started rolling out the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update yesterday. This is the latest major update to its current desktop operating system. Here’s what you can expect from the Fall Creators Update:

  • Microsoft now has “OneDrive Files on Demand”, which allows some files to be stored in the cloud and available to you without being synced on your local device.
  • Microsoft has a new design language named “Fluent Design“. It uses more light, depth, motion, and transparency. It’s more related to “material” objects and incorporates “scale” more, according to Microsoft. This sounds like the final name of Project Neon, a new visual design language Microsoft has been working on, but it’s more than that. It’s a new interaction model, according to Microsoft.
  • Better inking and handwriting features for tablet users.
  • The task bar shows GPU usage. That will be handy for gamers.
  • A new touch keyboard which is based on Swiftkey and WordFlow
  • Music apps Spotify and iTunes Will Be Available in the Microsoft Store which used to be called the Windows Store.
  • Microsoft Edge gets a bunch of enhancements and features.
  • Cortana gets smarter.
  • VR support appears along with mixed reality support
  • Better battery life is on tap
  • Protection from ransomware is on tap.
  • Microsoft is making a ton of privacy related changes.

There’s a lot here on tap and I’ve only scratched the surface of what is on offer. Thus I’ll direct you to this blog and this video:

To get your hands on the Fall Creators Update, here’s a link that will walk you through how to get it.


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  1. […] you’ve updated your Windows 10 install to the Fall Creators Update, you have a new feature that protects you from ransomware. It’s called controlled folder […]

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