Domino’s Pizza In Australia Pwned….. Email Addresses Swiped

It seems that Pizza Hut isn’t the only pizza joint to get pwned by hackers. Domino’s Australian outfit has fessed up to being pwned by hackers as well. The company has called in the Australian information commissioner to find out how a list of customer emails managed to find their way into the hands of creepy spammers. Though Domino’s is blaming a supplier for the issue:

The pizza seller has called in the Australian information commissioner to investigate the breach but insists its systems haven’t been compromised. Instead, it blames a “former supplier’s systems” for leaking customer email addresses, names and store suburb.

“Domino’s acted quickly to contain the information when it became aware of the issue and has commenced a detailed review process,” an undated statement posted on the company’s website reads.

The company did not say when it first became aware of the issue and insists no financial information has been accessed.

The thing is, that Domino’s customers are now getting spammed. And the spam is apparently not too cool. While this isn’t as bad as having financial data out there in the wild, it’s still not good as it shows that there were gaps in how customer information was handled. The other part of this story is that this is another company that took a while to disclose that this happened. That has not gone over well as many people vow not to do business with the pizza joint again. Hopefully that serves as a warning to other companies who think that not disclosing data breaches is a good idea.




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