Bad Rabbit Ransomware Attack Hits Europe

Today’s nightmare for IT staff is called Bad Rabbit. It’s is thought to be a variant of Petya which hit people earlier this year. Infected systems direct people to a page where they are told to pay a ransom of 0.05 bitcoin (about $277 USD) to recover their files within 41 hours. As we speak, it’s hitting Europe right now:

The malware has affected systems at three Russian websites, an airport in Ukraine and an underground railway in the capital city, Kiev.

The cyber-police chief in Ukraine confirmed to the Reuters news agency that Bad Rabbit was the ransomware in question.

It bears similarities to the WannaCry and Petya outbreaks earlier this year.

But the potential exists for this to spread. Thus you need to be on guard. The Independent has a great guide on how to protect yourself. Please consider it to be required reading so that you don’t become the next victim.


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