#Fail: USB Stick Containing Heathrow Airport Security Details Found In The Street

If something deserves a #fail it is this. Many outlets including The Sunday Mirror are reporting on the discovery of a USB stick on the street in West London that contained the following:

The USB stick – containing 76 folders with maps, videos and ­documents – was not encrypted and did not require a password.

The man who found it plugged it into a library computer and was alarmed at what he saw. It revealed:

  • The exact route the Queen takes when using the airport and security measures used to protect her.
  • Files disclosing every type of ID needed – even those used by covert cops – to access restricted areas.
  • A timetable of patrols that was used to guard the site against suicide bombers and terror attacks.
  • Maps pinpointing CCTV cameras and a network of tunnels and escape shafts linked to the Heathrow Express.
  • Routes and safeguards for Cabinet ministers and foreign dignitaries.
  • Details of the ultrasound radar system used to scan runways and the perimeter fence.

Encryption? Passwords? Why use those to protect such sensitive information? Totally not required. That was clearly the thought process here.

Seriously though this is a screw up of epic proportions. The person who lost that USB stick should get sacked for that. But more importantly, those who let it out the door without encrypting it first and password protecting it should also get sacked. This is the era of epic pwnage where hackers are out to get info like this. Why would you want to make their job easier by just having this sort of info in a format that is easy to get to?

#Fail indeed.


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