Review: Orico USB 3.0 Type C 2.5″ HDD Enclosure (2598C3)

After swapping my wife’s SSD for a faster one to solve an issue with macOS High Sierra, and in the process running into a serious issue that I had to deal with, After I dealt with that crisis, I needed to do something with her old SSD. So I decided to turn it into an external hard drive. To get there, I used the Orico USB 3.0 Type C 2.5″ HDD Enclosure. It promised a tool free install. And they were right on that front. Here’s all I had to do:


Press the button on the right hand side of the enclosure:


This allows you to swing open a door that allows you access to the innards of the enclosure:


Slide the drive into the enclosure until the drive clicks into the place. It only goes in one way so you can’t screw it up. Then you close the door and you’re done. Declare victory and have a beer because this only took 3 minutes. Yes, I timed it. Here’s the result:


It’s a metal enclosure that feels like it’s a quality product. I’m pretty sure that this will survive whatever you can throw at it. Now this enclosure comes out the box with a USB 3.0 to USB-C cable as the enclosure has a USB-C port. So while this is perfect for use with my MacBook Pro or my wife’s MacBook Pro which are both USB 3.0, you’ll need to acquire a USB-C to USB-C cable to use it with a newer MacBook Pro with USB-C. That’s a bit of a #fail. But at $25 CDN at my local computer store, it’s cheap enough that I can overlook it. If you need to repurpose a 2.5″ drive, this enclosure is a great way to go.


3 Responses to “Review: Orico USB 3.0 Type C 2.5″ HDD Enclosure (2598C3)”

  1. Nicholas Mansley Says:

    How about firing up crystal disk mark and giving us an idea of how this performs with that evo drive you have in there plugged into a usb 3.1 port .

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