Review: Samsung 850 EVO Pro 2.5″ SSD

As part of fixing this problem with my wife’s MacBook Pro, which led me to fixing an even more serious problem, I replaced the Samsung 850 EVO drive that I popped into it with a Samsung 850 EVO Pro that I had lying around. Now, when you toss the word “pro” into a product name, it implies that it should be better, faster, and stronger. So, is it all of that? Let’s start with the main differences between the two drives:

  • The 850 EVO Pro has faster sequential read speeds of 550 MB/s vs 540 MB/s for the 850 EVO.
  • The 850 EVO Pro consumes slightly less power when reading or writing. In this case, 3.3W reading and 3.4W writing for the 850 EVO Pro versus 3.7W reading and  4.7W writing for the 850 EVO.
  • The 850 EVO Pro is rated to last 2 million hours versus 1.5 million hours for the 850 EVO.
  • The 850 EVO Pro has a 10 year warranty versus the 5 year warranty that the 850 EVO has.

So in short, the 850 EVO Pro will consume less power, is a bit more durable, and reads data a hair faster. To test the latter, I I gave my wife her MacBook Pro back after I dropped the 850 EVO Pro in and asked her if she could tell the difference. She couldn’t. But I did note some minor speed gains here and there when I tested it before handing her MacBook Pro back to her. But the differences aren’t substantial enough that the average user would notice at all.

So given that in the Samsung 850 EVO Pro is somewhere between an 18% – 23% price premium over the 850 EVO of a similar size, is there a reason to buy this drive? Well, if you need an SSD with a much longer warranty, lower power consumption and increased durability, then there is a reason to get the 850 EVO Pro. Those are the things that will appeal to people who beat up their hardware or want to get every bit of battery life out their laptop that they can. Or they simply want peace of mind which is a valuable thing to have. If however you are looking for a massive speed boost, look at the much cheaper 850 EVO as it is almost as fast as the 850 EVO Pro, has a still serviceable 5 year warranty, and you can pocket the cost difference for a night out with your significant other. In fact, for most people out there, I would recommend the latter path.


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