Firefox 57 Launches Today

Last week I gave you a heads up on Firefox 57 and what it does with extensions. Today, Firefox 57 which is also known as Firefox Quantum has launched. Here’s what Mozilla had to say:

When you load it for the first time, you’ll notice that it looks different. Some highlights include a unified search bar that helps you get to what you’re looking for lickity-split, navigation icons are organized on the left and the far right side is where you can find all your personal items like downloads, history, screenshots). Even better, this bold new design and intelligent menus are easy to use and look amazing on PC, Macs, phones or tablets.

The new Firefox runs fast thanks to hundreds of performance improvements. This means that Firefox Quantum is 2 times faster and uses 30% less memory than Chrome, so you don’t have to sacrifice performance to use the browser backed by not-for-profit, champion for the user, Mozilla.

Great marketing. It will be interesting to see if actual users see those sorts of performance gains. You can update to it now as long as you’ve got extensions that play nice with it. Let us know via a comment how this new version of Firefox works for you.

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