Millions Provided With Access To Free eTextbooks Via Kortext

John Wiley and Sons Inc. a global research and learning company and Kortext, a world leading digital textbook and personal study platform, have secured a partnership with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB). The scheme will provide digital textbooks to every Egyptian citizen and all universities, empowering their students to learn anytime, anywhere.

The EKB is one of the biggest digital libraries in the world and hosts a diverse collection of content; online journals, books and videos. The EKB aims to meet the needs of all Egyptian citizens by customising each user’s experience with relevant content. The Kortext platform will provide digital textbooks for all Egyptian students, making their studies easier as they benefit from an enhanced, personalised learning experience, whilst creating insightful analytics.

By partnering with Kortext and Wiley for etextbook delivery, the EKB are planning to enhance the infrastructure, increase accessibility and deliver an enhanced user experience for engaging with learning content. Successful expansion of this exemplary national scheme will aim to ensure all the citizens of Egypt have the tools and digital learning resources to excel through lifelong learning as Egypt invests further towards a ‘Smart Nation Status’. The Kortext platform will deliver access to Wiley’s digital textbooks for all students who will also be able to access a host of smart study tools, allowing learners to highlight, make notes, connect to their teachers and intuitively navigate their learning content.


The EKB is an online library archive and resource that provides access to learning resources and tools for educators, researchers, students, and the general public of Egypt. The EKB initiative was formally launched on January 23rd 2016.


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