Kaspersky Denies It Pwned NSA Staffers Computer

The ongoing saga of under siege antivirus maker Kaspersky continues. When we last talked about this, the company had put out a report that said that it accidentally swiped NSA documents off a staffer’s computer. Well, they’ve now released a report that basically tries to paint a story that it wasn’t them who did the swiping. While you can read the report for the full details, the company now claims that Russian hackers installed software on the computer in question to access and steal sensitive data. On top of that, the company claims that the user of this computer disabled his Kaspersky antivirus software to install pirated software which led to additional pwnage. Thus the implication is that the US are mad at the wrong group of Russians.

I am really not sure this is going to make this issue go away as I have to think that their reputation is completely destroyed at this point. Thus while this report might make for some interesting reading for a bit, it won’t change anyone’s mind in terms of how the company is viewed.



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