Review: Tile Sport & Tile Style

I have been using Tile products for a while now to keep track of various bags and luggage. To replace some Tiles that died (as they only last about a year), I got these:


On the left is the Tile Sport and on the right is the Tile Style which are brand new from the company. Both Tile products serve up a 200 foot range as well as being water resistant for up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes, and being twice as loud. You’re just making a choice between what look you want.

To test this out, I took along a Tile Sport on my most recent trip to India. I didn’t test how waterproof it was, but the extended range and sound came in handy upon my return to Toronto. There was so much luggage on the flight back that they used two luggage carousels. I was able to use to Tile app on my iPhone 7 Plus to figure out which carousel my luggage was going to be on by walking back and forth. Then I was able to figure out via the app when it was going to appear based on visual cues the app gave me. As an extra aid, I used the ringtone function (which can be customized for volume and for different ringtones) to ensure I could identify my bag and grab it. Now I was just able to hear it which was a new experience as I had never been able to hear a Tile that I’ve placed in a suitcase. But I will also say that I tried the same trick when I landed in India and I could not hear it. Thus your mileage may vary on this front.

Downsides? The two downsides with Tile that I see are the same ones from my other  reviews of the Tile:

  • The battery lasts a year and isn’t user replaceable. That basically makes this a subscription service as opposed to be something that you can use long term. The flip side to that is the fact that when your Tile does run out of juice, they do have a program called reTile that allows you to replace your Tile at a discount of up to 50%. The new Tile will come with a prepaid envelope so that you can send back the old one to recycle. But that’s only true for those in the US. For those anywhere else on Earth, you can drop off your old Tile at your local e-recycling center. I will be taking advantage of this to replace the original Tile. Then I will be following these instructions to swap it out in the Tile App. But they should really make battery user replaceable. Though I suspect that would interfere with their revenue stream if they did.
  • Price is the other thing. At $35 for each Tile Style orTile Slim, it’s a bit expensive. They do have multi-packs that can save you some cash though.

Tile works as advertised and works well. The fact that you now get more range, water resistant form factors, and louder audio helps with the value proposition that Tile offers. They are pricey though and you will be replacing them a year from now. But if you have to keep track of stuff you own, the Tile is a great way to do it.

2 Responses to “Review: Tile Sport & Tile Style”

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