ID’d: New Digital Wallet App Lets You Get Reminders About Your Licenses Before They Expire

ID’d Inc. has announced the official launch of ID’d, a secure digital wallet app and reminder system for all your personal, professional and recreational licenses. ID’d is available for download now on iOS and Android devices in Canada and the United States.


ID’d stores an image of your membership card or license in a secure digital wallet and prompts you to enter the expiry date. You decide how far in advance you’d like to receive your reminder to renew, and feel secure knowing you’ll never be stuck with an expired license again.

The average person has about 10 pieces of ID, licenses, certificates and other cards in their wallet, while professionals can have twice that many. Many of these documents are difficult and time-consuming to replace and should never be stored in your wallet or purse. If you’ve ever had your wallet lost or stolen, you know the pain it can cause. But you still need to know your various license numbers, and how and when to renew them. ID’d helps you take control of your licenses, expiry dates and renewal processes, all with secure privacy. And it can make your real wallet lighter and safer!

Expired licenses can be costly, including fines, lost time at work and stress. With ID’d, you’ll never have to suffer the unpleasant surprise of an expired license or membership again.

Here’s how it works:

  • Take a photo of your licenses, membership cards, professional certifications and more
  • Set your reminder preferences
  • Receive notifications at renewal time!

Developed in Canada, ID’d caters to licensed professionals and anyone who could use a reminder to renew their personal, professional and recreational licenses. ID’d helps you keep track of your driver’s license, passport, insurance, CPR certification, union membership, hunting and fishing licenses, fitness membership and more!

ID’d is free, with optional upgrades to accommodate more licenses. A simple navigational menu organizes your licenses, tickets and memberships into three categories: personal, professional and recreational. See your saved documents at a glance; a sharing feature lets you quickly send an image of your license or certificate to employers or anyone else upon request. Otherwise, your information is protected with several layers of security.

To find out more about ID’d, or to download the app, visit


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