Turn Old Gadgets Into Quick Christmas Cash Using Flipsy

Did you know the average American household has $265 worth of unused gadgets lying around? Those old smartphones, tablets and iPods can be turned into quick cash – perfect for supplementing Christmas shopping budgets.

Consider these facts:

  • Smartphones sales this holiday season are expected to exceed the 432 million units sold during the 2016 holiday season, led by Apple, which is projecting a record $84 to $87 billion in revenue in Q4 2017
  • The average used smartphone is worth $140
  • In 2016, Americans left $21 billion on the table in unsold, unused smartphones

If Christmas 2017 is going to be the biggest year for smartphones yet, it stands to reason people will want to know about their smartphone selling options.

Flipsy.com provides a suite of free tools that can help people get the most money for their old smartphones, tablets and iPods, including:

  • Instant trade-in/buyback price comparisons – see at-a-glance which stores are offering the most money for any smartphone
  • Local trade-in/buyback discovery – see which local stores are currently buying smartphones
  • Smartphone “blue book” values – see how much any phone is worth on the private market, based on real-world sales data
  • Historical pricing trends – see whether values are increasing or decreasing, and at what rate
  • Price lock information – see which companies offer price locks, and for how long (perfect for beating Christmas price drops)

You can see Flipsy.com in action here: https://flipsy.com/sell/iPhone-7-Verizon?capacity=32GB


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