The 8th Edition Of Hack In Paris Announces Their Training Schedule

After the success of the latest edition with more than 650 attendees, this 5-day corporate event will be held for the eighth time in France, at the Maison de la Chimie, in the heart of the 7th district of Paris. An event for CISOs, CIOs, consultants, students and passionate about IT security field.

Once again they have selected the best speakers and trainers to offer a full and varied program. During a 1, 2 or 3-days training, you will learn and practice in a dedicated environment and supervised by professionals of hacking and security.

June 25th – 27th 2018: Training

Hack in Paris offers 18 training classes from 1 to 3 days led by international experts:

TRAINING 1 : Bug Hunting Millionaire: Mastering Web Attacks with Full-Stack Exploitation with Dawid Czagan
TRAINING 2 : Windows Post-Exploitation: Subverting the Core with Ruben Boonen
TRAINING 3 : Mobile App Attack with Sneha Rajguru
TRAINING 4 : Corelan Live – Bootcamp with Peter Van Eeckhoutte
TRAINING 5 : Practical IoT Hacking with Aseem Jakhar
TRAINING 6 : “Smart lockpicking” – hands on exploiting flaws in IoT devices based on electronic locks and access control systems with Slawomir Jasek
TRAINING 7 : Analogue network security architecture & design with Winn Schwartau & Mark Carney
TRAINING 8 : Hacking and Securing Windows Infrastructure with Paula Januszkiewicz
TRAINING 9 : Pentesting the Modern Application Stack with Francis Alexander
TRAINING 10 : Practical Industrial Control System (ICS) Hacking with Arun Mane
TRAINING 11 : Hacking IPv6 Networks v4.0 with Fernando Gont
TRAINING 12 : Pentesting Industrial Control Systems with Arnaud Soullie
TRAINING 13 : Reverse Code Engineering in Win32 apps: protecting yourself in-the-wild with Rodríguez Ricardo J
TRAINING 14 : Designing Linux Rootkits with Himanshu Khokhar
TRAINING 15 : Infrastructure Security Assessment with Omair
TRAINING 16 : Low-Level Hardware Penetration Testing with Henrik Ferdinand Noelscher and Javier Vazquez
TRAINING 17 : Smashing the SSL/TLS protocol with practical crypto attacks with Marco Ortisi
TRAINING 18 : Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) – online soon

Various topics will also be discussed in depth from a technical perspective. Additional details will be announced mid-February.

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