Linksys Tries To Limit The Damage As Frustration Mounts Over WRT32X Issues

The last time I wrote about the issues with the WRT32X, I had had a chat with a rep from Linksys and I was reassured that they were doing everything possible to resolve the firmware issues that had been plaguing that router along with the WRT3200ACM. Since then I’ve noted on the Linksys community forums that Linksys is sending out routers for some with other models so that users can get online. Here’s an example (Click to enlarge):


I applaud Linksys for taking this route. It’s not a cheap course of action to start handing out routers to users who are affected by this issue, but they need to ensure that their users are online and placated for the moment while they work on the issues with the WRT32X and WRT3200ACM.

Here’s the flipside to that. Time may be running for Linksys to fix this. I said in one of my previous posts that the company has hours or days to fix this if they want to maintain the trust of their users. It’s been weeks and the frustration appears to be growing based on this Reddit thread and these Tweets:

In terms of the second tweet, I have heard rumors of a stop sale on both routers. But I have not been able to confirm that. If and when I do, I will update this post.

I’ve also talked to my contact at Netgear who served up this router for me to review shortly after this story broke. Speaking on background, his comment was that he’s seen an uptick of Nighthawk router purchases. That’s great for Netgear, but bad news for Linksys as it suggests that people are abandoning Linksys for the competition. And those people may never come back. I’ve also reached out to my contact at ASUS who served up this router for me to test to see if the same is true for them and if and when I hear back from her, I’ll update this post.

Now I still believe that Linksys will fix this. And I also believe that by sending out routers to affected customers, they’re really trying to do the right thing in a very difficult situation. But time is starting to run out for them to bring this issue to closure. The reality is that the longer that this goes on, the possibility for this to get worse for Linksys increases. And it could get to the point where they aren’t a viable choice for people looking for routers. That would be a shame as they’ve got some great stuff that’s out there as well as some great stuff in the pipeline that I’ve seen and can’t talk about. But all of that won’t matter if they can’t resolve this firmware issue as quickly as possible.

UPDATE: I have two updates on this story to tell you about:

  1. Both routers that have this firmware issue seem to be unavailable for sale via So it’s clear that Linksys has stopped selling them to customers directly. However I found them both very easily at everything from local computer stores that carry Linksys product to Best Buy and even Amazon. And salespeople in those stores are completely unaware of this issue. Thus the unsuspecting will be buying these products, run into this issue, and be none too happy when they find out that this has been going on for a while. Thus adding to the problems that Linksys is facing.
  2. ASUS has told me on background that they’ve seen a “significant” bump in sales of their high end routers due to this issue. Great for ASUS. Not good for Linksys.


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