Surprise! Intel Gets Sued Over Epic CPU Vulnerabilities

To the surprise of nobody on planet Earth, Intel is facing multiple class-action lawsuits over the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. The Guardian is reporting that three separate suits have been filed by plaintiffs in California, Oregon and Indiana. The plaintiffs are seeking compensation because of the security vulnerability as well as Intel’s failure to disclose it in a timely fashion. On top of that, they want compensation for whatever slowdown to their PCs that will be caused by the fixes needed to address the security concerns.

I’m predicting that this is only going to get worse for Intel. There will be more lawsuits filed, and some of those will come from cloud providers like Amazon, Google and Microsoft who care about how the speed and security issues related to this impact their businesses.

Get the popcorn ready, because Intel has a full blown disaster on its hands.

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