Guest Post: How To Develop My B2B Business Into E-Commerce

If your B2B business isn’t on the Internet yet, you’ve possibly run out of excuses not to be by now. It’s no longer a novelty for businesses — considering B2B businesses — to have an e-commerce existence, and those that don’t are missing out on some noteworthy opportunities. More than half of Internet users have conveyed making a purchase online in 2016, including your B2B customers.

As significant as developing into e-commerce can be for your B2B business, the procedure needs to be handled with care. It isn’t enough to merely slap together a website just for the sake of being on the Internet. An e-commerce site needs to be built to make the process of purchasing your services or products online as fitting as possible for customers. That means being well-informed of the finest practices in terms of implementing technology, designing the site and optimizing the customer experience to attain the best results.

For example, your e-commerce site’s technology needs to include scalability so that the site is easy to navigate — no matter what type of device your customers use to view it. A strong web analytics platform built into your site also will give you a good source of actionable data you can use to track conversions and optimize your site. Your site’s design must conform to best practices for e-commerce, incorporating professionally sourced content such as photos and copy, as well as a carefully organized structure that is easily searchable.

Making a user-friendly e-commerce site also means building in protections for your customers to keep their sensitive data safe. This includes the use of security certificates, data backup systems and security software to avoid cyber attacks. These and other tips can help you build an e-commerce existence that will likely improve your business and help you better serve your customers. It’s time for your B2B business to make the leap into the digital world: The accompanying guide from CDI Technology covers these and various other tips to help bring your B2B business into the world of e-commerce without making some of the most common mistakes that can trip up companies making the conversion.

Created by: CDI Technology, E-commerce for JD Edwards provider



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