Some Free Advice To Canadian Telcos…. Just Give Us Your Lowest Price & Be Done With It

Every year, or when I get fed up with whomever is my telco of the moment is, I do one of two things. I either try to negotiate with my current telco for a better deal, or I shop around for the best deal I can find. What I find is that I never get the bottom line best price from a Canadian telco. Instead, I find this sort of thing:

bell 3

This is Bell that I am using as an example, but other telcos do some version of this. In short, they only guarantee a really good price for a period of time. But then the price goes up at the end of that period of time. The problem with this is that all it guarantees is that:

  1. Consumers who see this get turned off and don’t consider the telco in question.
  2. Consumers take the offer and are surprised by the fact that the offer has a price that is for a limited amount of time. Related to this, consumers who deal with contact center reps don’t have this explained properly to them and things go horribly sideways as a result.

In short, Canadian telcos are asking for trouble when they do this. But they are equally asking for trouble when they make Canadians negotiate with them to ensure that they are getting the best price. Because not only does the fact that consumers have to take time out of their day to do negotiate, but telcos are opening themselves up to having consumers comparison shop. Which in turn means that they’ll bolt to the competition who may offer a better deal.

Thus I’d like to propose that Canadian telcos do something differently. How about you just give us hard working Canadians your best price from the start? Make everything as clear as possible so that consumers don’t feel that they’re being tricked in any way. And don’t package it as a limited time offer. On top of that, how about say once a year you reach out to your customers and review what they’re getting from you to see if they are getting the best value for money? My insurance company does that and I feel that they to some degree are looking out for me. Yes I understand they’re also trying to sell me more services. But the fact that they do check in on a regular cadence, and my bill goes down every once in a while, or I get more for my money makes me feel that I am getting better value for money to some degree. That is the reason why I haven’t dumped them for someone else. Now I know this takes effort and resources that Canadian telcos may not be willing to put money into. But if they were willing to do that, I suspect they’d see higher retention rates and less negative press.

So, I ask all Canadian telcos this question: Are you game to give Canadians what they want?


2 Responses to “Some Free Advice To Canadian Telcos…. Just Give Us Your Lowest Price & Be Done With It”

  1. […] a tip for Bell, just serve up your best price and not the “introductory price” games that you play. That will get you a ton of […]

  2. […] any of the “big 3” telcos. It’s high time that one of the “big 3” simply just offer Canadians the best deal possible right up front. No tricks. No gotchas. No fine print. The other two would fall in line instantly if they did that. […]

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