Linksys Releases WRT32X & WRT3200ACM Firmware To Remedy Month Long Firmware Nightmare

If you’re an owner of a Linksys WRT32X or WRT3200ACM router, and you’ve been waiting for Linksys to release an updated firmware to address the connectivity issues that you’ve been dealing with for the last month or so, I’m pleased to say that this firmware has now been released. Here’s a quote from a post made by  Linksys Lucas who has been working with users on the Linksys Community on this issue:

Today I am happy to announce firmware to help resolve the issues that people have been running into with their WRT routers with networks that have Android devices on them.

I will keep the overall description short here, but this firmware incorporates a new WLAN driver that will help mitigate an issue that was discovered where Android devices coming in and out of sleep mode would crash the Wireless Network.

Both of these firmwares will eventually make their way to our update servers for regular download, however decided that a month of this issue is long enough for us to post this for all of you that have been following this in the community to download and use while we go through our final QA checks that are required before putting it on the update server. 

As of now I feel very comfortable with releasing these to everyone since we have had approximately 50 people actively Beta testing over the past week and a half or so.

The only thing that gives me cause to pause is that this firmware is still going through their QA checks. But I’ve watched the Linksys Community to see what those who have been testing the firmware for Linksys have been saying, and their feedback is positive enough for me to suggest that if you have either of these routers, that you install this firmware from the links below:

WRT3200ACM Firmware Download

WRT32X Firmware Download

One of the things that I committed to doing was to test this firmware when it appeared on my WRT32X and report back as to if it remedies the issues that users have faced. I will be doing that this weekend and I will have a report on this by Monday morning at the latest. But in the meantime, if you’ve got feedback about this firmware that you’d like to share, please leave a comment and share your feedback.




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