Google Home And Chomecast Products Might Be Killing Your WiFi

Do you have a Google Chromecast or Google Home device? Have you been having WiFi issues? You may not be alone according to The Register. It seems that these devices appear to be killing the Wi-Fi connections of some users.

The issue centers around the fact that these devices send a whole bunch of data packets that is above and beyond what is normal in a short amount of time via the Wi-Fi connection. If the device goes to sleep, this stops. But when it wakes up, it can start up again. And the longer the device was asleep, the more packets it will send. Routers don’t know how to deal with this flood of traffic, so in the best case scenario, it will disconnect the offending device. In the worst case, it will crash your network taking every device down with it.

The issue reportedly affects routers from ASUS, Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, and Synology. Thus this appears to be purely a Google issue. This is backed up by a report in 9to5Google where Google all but admits that this is their issue and they’re working on a fix. TP-Link clearly didn’t want to wait for Google to fix this as they released their own fix. It is possible that other router companies may do the same.

It will be interesting to see how fast Google fixes this as this based on my quick research seems to be a common issue.


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  1. […] they shared with me the root cause analysis of the issues that these routers have had. One cause is this Google issue that I wrote about yesterday. But I want to add to what I wrote yesterday to say that the problems […]

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