Review: The North Face Apex eTip Glove

One of the gifts that I got over the holidays from my wife were these North Face Apex eTip gloves. Her logic was that I use my iPhone and Apple Watch a lot regardless of the season. Thus in winter it would help if I had a glove that allowed me to use both without removing my gloves in cold weather. Thus she got me these:


Now what sets these gloves apart is the fact that they are capacitive. In non-nerd speak, that means the gloves allow you to control your smartphone while wearing the gloves because it allows the electrical current that naturally runs through your body to pass through the gloves. That way you can use your smartphone while wearing them. On that point they work as advertised. I tested them during a skate at a local park this past weekend where I was able to interact with my iPhone and Apple Watch with minimal issues. Because they’re gloves, precision drops a bit which can be an issue on the Apple Watch due to the small screen size. But once you’re aware of that you adapt quickly. For best results, I’d recommend that you buy them in a store where you can test to make sure that fit snugly which allows you to maximize your ability to use them as designed.

The only thing close to a downside that I would point out is that these gloves are rated for cool weather. Around the freezing point or slightly below they’re fine. But if you get any colder than that, you might find that they are not the warmest gloves around. Thus is that’s something that matters to you, then you might want to look at the rest of The North Face line as they have eTip options for colder weather.

The Apex eTip Gloves from North Face are $55 CAD. If you want to be able to use your smartphone while wearing gloves in the winter, this is a good option for you to look at.


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