#PSA: Fitbit To End Pebble Smartwatch Support In June

If you have a Pebble smartwatch, consider yourself warned that Fitbit will be ending all support for the Pebble in June of this year. What does that mean? This should give you an idea:

Pebble devices and mobile apps will continue to work after June 30, 2018, but the following Pebble services will end:

  • Pebble appstore
  • Pebble forum
  • Voice recognition features
  • SMS and email replies with iOS (Android will keep working)
  • Timeline pins from third-party apps (Calendar pins will keep working)
  • CloudPebble development tool

There will be no further updates to Pebble’s mobile apps for iOS and Android. The latest versions of both Pebble apps remain compatible with current versions of iOS (iOS 11) and Android (8.1 “Oreo”). Users should note that it’s possible for future iOS or Android updates to break Pebble compatibility.

Aside from the features and services shutting down above, Pebble watches will continue to work after June 30. Users can even use community-developed Pebble app stores—like our friends at Rebble—to manage watchfaces and apps.

The company is offering discounts to users to encourage them to migrate to other Fitbit products. Though, I wonder how well that is going to work out. But in any case, Pebble users have been warned.


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