Bell, Rogers, & A Bunch Of Others Push CRTC To Block “Pirate” Websites

You might recall that I recently told you about efforts by Bell among others to block so called “pirate” websites. Now that effort appears to be taking shape with news that a group called FairPlay Canada is saying that the CRTC establish an independent agency called the Independent Piracy Review Agency which would identify websites “blatantly engaged” in piracy. ISPs would then be required to block access to those sites.

The coalition, which includes the likes of Bell, Rogers, CBC, Cineplex, Corus Entertainment among others has some slick marketing to make you think that this is a great idea. Take this YouTube video for example.

Here’s some random thoughts on this topic:

  1. Look at what has happened to the music industry. When digital downloads and streaming services became more available and more affordable, piracy disappeared. So if the large telco/cable/media companies did something similar with movies on demand and the like, this will become a non issue overnight. But I suspect that they don’t want to do that as they want to line their pockets with cash. Thus this smells more of greed rather than a true desire to protect jobs and stop piracy.
  2. In the age of everyone and their dog using VPN services, I wish these guys good luck in trying to stop people from getting access to the content they want. Because blocking it within Canada simply isn’t going to work.
  3. This has the smell of censorship. And censorship is a slippery slope that if people were smart, they would not want to go anywhere near.

The bottom line is this is a craptastic idea and I hope the CRTC has the sense to tell these guys to go fly a kite. I am all for protecting jobs and making sure that pirated content isn’t available, but this isn’t how you deal with that issue.


One Response to “Bell, Rogers, & A Bunch Of Others Push CRTC To Block “Pirate” Websites”

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