Guest Post: Everything You’d Like To Know About eBay

n the +20 years, it has existed, eBay has definitely become a household name. Whether you’ve heard it being mentioned in movies or on TV shows or even your daily news, you’ve definitely heard it come up over the years.

While defining eBay is easy, as it’s basically an eCommerce platform, we’re here to show you that it has actually become much more than that. Nowadays, eBay is a big part of the global culture. It’s become the go-to place for millions of sellers and buyer. From a place where people used to go to make a decision whether or not to buy something, eBay has evolved to a place where visiting means definitely buying thanks, in part, to the various eBay discount codes and savvy social marketing.

As a marketplace, the platform has grown so much, that there are millions of people who trade there on a daily basis. Some of them are sellers, some of them are buyers, and some are a little bit of both. And the beauty of a platform like eBay is that all of the items that are sold there are only worth what someone will pay for them.

This means that you can find shockingly high prices for items that are highly sought after.

Things like vintage products, collectibles, unusual items and goods that are in short supply can command some staggering price tags. You can also bid for items that you really want to have or even find things that are priced ridiculously cheap.

There have been times where sellers have posted some strange things on the platform, such as boxes of Twinkies, back when they were temporarily discontinued or a Limited edition of Coconut M&Ms. It’s also a place where people can find items that they’ve been collecting all their lives, and that doesn’t just include stamps and coins.

This infographic beautifully outlines all of the different and interesting facts that have been going on with eBay since its establishment back in 1995, all the way up to today.


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