Huawei Caught Trading Phones For Fake Reviews

Well this looks a wee bit shady.

Huawei has been caught by apparently trading their new and cool Mate 10 Pro phone for five star reviews on Best Buy’s website. Here’s the kicker, the phone doesn’t go on sale until Sunday in the US. So this appears to be astroturfing:

The phone is only up for pre-order so far, and yet 108 people have left glowing “reviews” of the phone on its Best Buy listing. Almost all of the reviews are a solid 5-stars, saying it is the “unbeatable smart phone of the year,” a “great new flagship phone,” and even a device that “puts Samsung to shame.”

If you don’t look a little closer, you might think that the phone genuinely has lots of buzz and excited customers. It would certainly be easy to be misled by the small 5-star review that shows on the listing page and in search results, as well as the reassuring (108) number right next to it. Unfortunately, nothing here is what is seems.

So why are all of these people are so ecstatic about a phone they haven’t even used yet? It turns out Huawei posted to a private Facebook group asking its 60,000 members to post “why they WANT to own the Mate 10 Pro” on the review section at Best Buy’s website. We managed to get a screenshot of the post which you can see below.


I have to wonder if this tactic is in response to what happened recently where they were pretty much shut out of partnering with Verizon because of spying concerns? Whatever the reason, now that the cat is out of the bag, the optics really doesn’t look good for Huawei.



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