Skype Has A Bug That Would Be Hard To Fix Which Leaves You Open To Pwnage

ZDNet reports of a security flaw in Skype’s updater process that “can allow an attacker to gain system-level privileges to a vulnerable computer.” If the bug is exploited, it can escalate a local unprivileged user to the full ‘system’ level rights. Which means that a hacker can do anything they want.  What’s worse is that Microsoft, which owns Skype, won’t fix the flaw because it would require the updater to go through “a large code revision.” Instead, Microsoft is putting all its resources on building an altogether new client.

Microsoft has this really wrong. Now that this bug is public, it is only a matter of time before the pwnage begins. And what will Microsoft do then? Likely throw all its resources towards trying to stop the pwnage. So they might as well do that now and protect their user base in the process. But I guess the folks over in Redmond don’t see it that way. Thus, consider warned if you’re a Skype user.


One Response to “Skype Has A Bug That Would Be Hard To Fix Which Leaves You Open To Pwnage”

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