Here’s The Top STEM Toys for National Engineers Week

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, women represent 50.6% of the US population yet make up only 11.7% of all engineers. Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day on February 22, 2018 (part of the larger observance of National Engineers Week) is all about changing that forever! Following are a few of the latest and greatest STEM toys from Learning Resources, perfect not just for girls, but for ensuring all kids are given a proper early introduction to STEM.

Botley the Coding Robot


Botley the Coding Robot is ready to use right out of the box and introduces children as young as five to the world of coding in a fun and straightforward way—all without the use of a smartphone or tablet. Advanced features will grow with kids offering challenges for many years to come.

Age range: 5 years+

MSRP: $79.99

Available online:

Gears! Gears! Gears! Build and Bloom Flower Garden Building Set


Mix, match and create a beautiful, spinning flower garden with engineering at its heart! All 117 parts are interchangeable, allowing for endless combinations and designs. Develops problem solving, cause and effect, and critical thinking skills along with sequential thought and spatial relationships.

Age range: 4 years+

MSRP: $39.99

Available online:

City Engineering & Design Building Set


Encourage an early love of STEM learning with this one-of-a-kind building set. Young engineers can create their own skyscrapers, cranes, bridges and more with 89 easy-to-assemble pieces. Use the included activity cards to complete design challenges or create a city. It’s a unique way to challenge logic, problem solve, and develop engineering skills.

Age range: 5 years+

MSRP: $24.99

Available online:


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