Intel Facing 32 Lawsuits Over CPU Flaws

Life is not good for Intel at the moment as the Spectre and Meltdown CPU flaws which to be clear are #EpicFails on the part of Intel, have resulted in 32 class-action suits filed against Intel. This comes via their annual SEC filing. What’s interesting about these lawsuits is this:

Additionally, three further shareholder lawsuits were filed, claiming that Intel’s board and corporate officers committed breach of duty in connection to the disclosure of the security flaws and failed to act in relation to alleged insider trading. In November last year, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich sold all the Intel stock he was allowed to sell. This stock sale has provoked speculation about insider trading, though Intel maintains that Krzanich’s actions were unrelated to the security issues.

That’s got to get Intel’s attention. Hopefully for their sake, Intel has great lawyers on their side. Otherwise this could really impact Intel’s bottom line.


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