Kylin M 3-axis Camera Stabilizer Announced

A new lightweight, handheld camera stabilizer has been launched via the Indiegogo crowdfunding website offering a three axis stabilizer for lighter cameras such as DSLR, mirrorless camera and smartphones. The Kylin M 3-axis camera stabilizer, which has already raised close to $150k still has over a month left on its campaign.

The Kylin M camera stabilizer is available to back with early bird pledges starting from $239, with shipping expected to take place during April 2018, if the camera stabilizer is successfully manufactured. Equipped with a focus and shutter release button, as well as a video recording button and zoom control on a “unique rotatable handle”. The Kylin M has been designed to provide an easy-to-use portable camera stabilisation system for both budding and expert photographers alike to use.

  • High-accuracy stabilization and smooth control based on Snoppa’s new algorithm and the brand new closed-loop control structure;Revolutionary and transformable handle, which enables you to freely switch between handle and carry modes and keeps video steady whatever the angle is, thus it is especially suitable for low-angle filming;
  • Multi-function control handle, which allows direct control of the camera’s zoom, recording start/stop, focus and shutter for more streamlined filming;
  • BUS backup interface, through which more accessories, options and convenience can be added in the future;
  • Multi-device support for lightweight cameras, smartphones and action cameras;
  • Lightweight and portable, only 980g in weight including batteries, and 22x25x9cm in dimension, thus it can be easily put in pocket or bag

The link to the Indiegogo campaign can be found here:


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