MoviePass Puts Out A Lame Statement After Epic Blowback

Earlier this week I spoke about MoviePass who were proud of how much they track your movements in ways that aren’t listed in their privacy policy. I’m guessing that the blowback was epic because via The Verge, they put out this statement:

At MoviePass our vision is to build a complete night out at the movies. We are exploring utilizing location-based marketing as a way to help enhance the overall experience by creating more opportunities for our subscribers to enjoy all the various elements of a good movie night. We will not be selling the data that we gather. Rather, we will use it to better inform how to market potential customer benefits including discounts on transportation, coupons for nearby restaurants, and other similar opportunities. Our larger goal is to deliver a complete moviegoing experience at a price anyone can afford and everyone can enjoy.

I might be missing something, but it sounds like they’re looking for a way to monetize the data without selling it. How does that work precisely? I don’t get it. It truly sounds like spin that they hope will make this go issue go away. But it won’t.

Oh, here’s a pro tip. Lifehacker has instructions on how to stop MoviePass from tracking you and deprive them of the cash that they don’t deserve. Assuming of course you really want to use this app at all.


2 Responses to “MoviePass Puts Out A Lame Statement After Epic Blowback”

  1. […] can it can make off of location tracking that they didn’t tell anybody about, followed by coming out with a lame statement to defend it didn’t work. I say that because Variety is reporting that location tracking has been disabled […]

  2. […] this in some way so as to make this whole gong show go away. Seeing as his PR’s department lame attempt to walk his statement back failed. Oh yeah. What about the update of their iOS app to remove “unused app location […]

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