Microsoft Admits To Updating Windows 10 PCs After Users Set The PC Not To Do That

Stop me if this sounds familiar. Microsoft has had to come clean about updating PCs to the latest build of Windows 10 after users set the PC to not do that. But it’s not quite the same situation as what Microsoft has been accused of doing in the past. Here’s the details from Bleeping Computer:

The admission came in a knowledge base article updated last week. Not all users of older Windows versions were forcibly updated, but only those whose machines were running Windows 10 v1703 (Creators Update). This is the version where Microsoft added special controls to the Windows Update setting section that allow users to pause OS updates in case they have driver or other hardware issues with the latest OS version. But according to reports, a Microsoft snafu ignored these settings and forcibly updated some users to Windows 10 v1709 (Fall Creators Update).

This is the knowledge base article in question. To me this sounds like a screw up rather than force feeding Windows 10 down people’s throats. I’m willing to take Microsoft at their word on this one.

However….. The larger issue is that users of Windows 10 in home environments and small business do not have complete control of the update experience like they did with Windows 7 and earlier. Unless Microsoft fixes that, we’re going to be talking about something like this over and over again.


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